The show flat is opening for preview (except Tuesday and Wednesday)
*1. Park Court HAMARIKYU The Tower aspires to establish itself as a condominium tower that offers a sense of fine Japanese quality befitting this location (Hamamatsucho 1-chome in Minato-ku), which is expected to further transform itself into a city to welcome people around the world with excellent hospitality.

*The computer-generated appearance drawing of a completed building is created by composing a computer-generated appearance drawing and a photo of the view taken from a level corresponding to the 37th floor of the construction in August 2015. A computer-generated appearance drawing is based on a design drawing from the planning phase. The shapes, colors and other elements are different from the actual ones. The drawing does not take into account such details as equipment and apparatuses. The view and scenery vary by floor and/or apartment lot. They are not consistently guaranteed, being possibly affected by future changes in the surrounding environment.

*The conceptual computer graphics image of the completed exterior presented here is composed of a computer graphics image and photo of the area west of Hama-rikyu Gardens taken at a point about 580m away in April 2016. The conceptual computer graphics image of the completed exterior is based on a drawing in the planning stage. The shapes, colors and other features of the actual exterior differ from those shown in this image. Please note that the conceptual computer graphics image does not express items such as the details of external shapes and facilities and equipment.

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